by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : M&M's World

Location : Shanghai, China

Target : Patrons of the Arts / Ages 18 - 64

Brief: When asked to create an ad for M&M's chocolate candies inspired by a work of art, the kaleidoscope love of Brazilian Muralist Eduardo Kobra flashed forward for me as a guiding light of global cultural artistry and non-ad advertisement potential. 

Opportunity: Kobra's recent painting called "Peace", which was painted on the MAAM Museum “Museo dell’Altro e Dell’Altrove”, which faces the historical Via Prenestina in Rome.

The subject of this painting is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, teen Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, known for her activism for rights to education and women rights.

The revolution of our time is heavily weighed on these two rights, and as the balance between the feminine and the masculine is justified, a greater sense of world peace will soon follow. Our sweet tooth knew it all along.

Problem: Women's Rights and Education for everyone was not yet obvious enough, more attention and sweetness to this matter needed to be manifested.  

Solution: Combining the Art of Kobra and it's meaningful message in support of Yousafzai, with the sweet dance moves of the M&M's that we all love and want to eat all of the time. 



I made the connection between the work of art from Brazilian Muralist Kobra, and the potential for reimagining the work and it's power into a design that I made of M&M's taking the stage in representation of world peace through unity and womans' rights. 


Alexander M. Whiteway