by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : Unicef x Country of Jordan

Location : Zaatari Village, Jordan

Target : The Children of Syria / Refugee Relief Donors

Brief:  What was introduced as a Creative Thinking project with the task of designing a T-shirt, quickly turned into a secondary research - heavy endeavor to understand as much as possible through media about the happenings in Syria, and how it had affected those now living in the Zaatari Refugee Camps. 

How could I help the children of Syria realize a greater future for themselves through designing a t-shirt series? 

Opportunity: Design a t-shirt that defines the basis for a campaign to inspire the Children of Syria to continue holding a space of hope and joy in learning.

Problem: Since 2011, the Zaatari Refugee Camp had grown to over 83,000 refugees, many of them children with mothers and no father, because he was either still fighting back home or had been killed in the Syrian Civil War. The difficulty to stay inspired to keep going, despite having home torn away from the hearts of these families, was real. 

Solution: Freedom is Responsibility. This campaign stands to inspire the Children of Syria living in the camps to keep learning, keep waking up and taking the initative to live a life and make something of it. 



I spent the majority of my time for this project researching across news, internet media, and several documentaries, to have a baseline understanding of the situation over in Jordan. From this understanding, I was able to conceptualize through designing a t-shirt a campaign structure that could inspire the children and become one more source telling a story that needed to be heard.


Alexander M. Whiteway