by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : Chipotle

Location : Denver, CO, USA

Target : Chipotle & Queso Lovers / Ages 18 - 64

Brief: Our team was asked to resolve the issue with Chipotles' new Queso product through implementing Primary Research, conducting surveys, focus groups. and Secondary Research. 

Opportunity:  Chipotle has recently released their latest new product - a non-gmo queso made with 100% all natural ingredients.

The results were not what they had expected. 

Chipotle is known for their healthy, all natural ingredients, and the option to customize any item on the menu. In response to the success of other high-profit fast casual restaurants that serve some form of the cheesy goodness, Chipotle thought it smart to introduce their own version, that was in line with their brand's voice.

Our team researched what went wrong, and came up with a strategy that would turn the negativity of the #quesno response into activations that make it a positive implication. From this perspective, the brand could now further their appreciation for their loyal customers' interest in a product that they'll actually enjoy.

Problem: AXE was struggling to grow sales across its full product range. AXE was a brand built on attraction, but it was a question as to wether the definitions of attraction and masculinity had changed for middle aged women, the onlookers of our target group that our brand was inspiring to resonate with. 

Solution: Reposition the brand to increase market penetration of men in their mid 20's and convert perceptions of axe to a Mens Grooming Brand, not just a mens fragrance. 



I conducted a focus group with 6 individuals whom I screened to find that defined themselves as 'Chipotle Lovers'.  I asked questions to realize how we could possibly resolve the Queso issue through new marketing tactics and revisiting the product itself. I also conducted secondary research to find out who in the Queso Market was successful and why. I presented along with the team our findings and solution to the client. 


Gabi Elle ( CBM )

Al Carr ( CBM )

Miguel Atkins ( CBM )

Caroline Jordan ( CBM )

Alexander M. Whiteway ( CBM )