by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : Cafe Coffee Day

Location : Bengaluru, India

Target :  Young Professionals with an interest in exploration, age 24 - 36

The Ask : Analyze data to understand the implications of India's cultural shift as a consumption-oriented nation seeking satisfaction into a nation that expects a holistic brand experience. 

The Challenge : It’s clear that being seen as a brand that offers premium coffee, pioneering in coffee culture, an Indian coffee leader with a pan - India footprint, and value for money -  is no longer unique and exclusive enough to differentiate CCD from its competitors. There are misunderstandings between how consumers perceive Cafe Coffee Day's Identity and how Cafe Coffee Day intended to be perceived that need to be addressed. 

The Opportunity : Develop a four step positioning strategy that focuses on understanding the competition and analyzing the brand, looking at consumers and the gaps in the intended brand identity, exploring the options for repositioning the brand, and overall options for repositioning with a new campaign to the targeted market. Presenting a strong evolutionary campaign called “Good Company" which will create customer experiences that continue to communicate the brands core values, as well as add a new differentiating dimensionality to the brand’s identity. The broad ranging “explorer” archetype will be embraced to foster an environment of new possibilities and outcomes where we will see a greater sense of aspiration, a more value-added cafe experience with more meaningful and enriching interactions that uplift and energize a youthful atmosphere. Our target customers values’ will be reflected in the new brand positioning, giving CCD greater cultural relevance.


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Marketing Manager


Alexander M. Whiteway