by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : Asics Global / VCU BrandCenter Project

Location : Tokyo, Japan

Target : Global Runners, Asics / Ages , Asics Tiger / Ages , Onitsuka Tiger / Ages

Brief: The Company was considering changes to the marketing mix of the core ASICS brand and wanted recommendations going forward on issues such as the product line ( introducing mid-tier ASICS running shoes at a much lower price point ), Channels to Market ( increasing company-owned retail stores ) and Communications ( changing the current ad campaign of "Want it More" and discontinuing sponsorship of the NYC marathon ) . They also wanted to hear how I thought they could best leverage Runkeeper, their new digital app asset, and what the most effective approach for marketing the lifestyle sub-brands Onitsuka Tiger and Asics Tiger vis-a-vis the main ASICS brand would be. 

Opportunity: Develop an overarching plan for ASICS Global and its' house of brands that would clarify and grow the business in a S.M.A.R.T way moving forward into the next 5 years.

Problem: Profits were much lower than desired in the 2015 Year. 

Solution: ASICS Growth Plan 2020 - Campaign "Be it More", and Owning the Bronze, Onitsuka & Japanese Tradition at Tokyo Olympics 2020. 



I provided president and CEO of ASICS - Motoi Oyama, with all of the recommendations asked for in the brief. My recommendations were based on the history of the brand, an overview of where the Apparel Market, specifically Atheleisure, was going, the opportunity at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and a comprehensive study of the 5 runner segments the company had previously indicated.


Alexander M. Whiteway