by Alexander MacMillan Whiteway



Project Description

Client : Leaf Brands (Parent), Hydrox

Location : California, USA

Target : Chocolate Creme Filled Cookie Fans / Runners / Ages 6 - 65

Brief:  The original chocolate cream filled cookie sandwich is Hydrox -- says a small percentage of the highly saturated cookie market, currently dominated by none other than Nabisco's Oreo, which many people believe to be the original. It's not.


Problem: Does it really matter after 100 years of second place and falling lower and lower to competition, that Hydrox was ever the #1? Probably to some. Does being the original matter more than showing consistent greatness and appealing to the consumer in a way that they respond loyally. To some, maybe. But to resurrect a brand and make it a leader in the Market... well, you're going to need a miracle. 

Solution: Innovate the way cookies are enjoyed to appeal to a modern culture of fun and activity, while nodding at the history of a brand that was always loved by many.  Meet Bomb Cookies, by Hydrox. 



Our team was challenged to resurrect a brand and somehow make it stand up against the worlds favorite cookie, Oreo. How in the.....? I stepped up with a crazy idea - Bomb Cookies. Powdered flavors added to cream? Yep. That's right! Keep the history of the cookie and sell it in modern fast casual service stores where you can make your own flavor choices. I researched for the entire duration of the assignment to grasp the 100 year history of the brand and its roots, asking myself, how? How can we spin this? I came up with the concept of the new name and business model that brought cookie concoctions to the fast casual make it yourself diners. I designed the short creative animation. I designed the new logo. I collaborated through the creation of the deck, and assisted in the marketing strategy. 


Joe Brooks ( CBM )

Beka Tesfaye ( CBM )

Imani Lee ( ST )

Alexander M. Whiteway ( CBM )