Alexander MacMillan Whiteway

Hi. My name is Alexander MacMillan Whiteway. I am a Brand Manager.

  • A cognitive architect capable of synthesizing complicated constellations of information into simple and imaginable ideas that inspire unique, one-of-a-kind craft.

My interest in the symbology of logos and typography led to becoming certified as a Graphic Designer at School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY in 2007. It was clear to me that that design as a language was important to learn in order to effectively communicate what was going on in my mind through utilizing elements of visual communication. Once I'd created something, It was easier to speak about it, using the visual representations as guidelines to help me remember the complex concepts I was interested in sharing.

  • A highly creative and intuitive archeologist of insightful information, discovering and protecting the sustainable material of the future in the depth of the fragile, ephemeral moment.

A BFA curriculum at VCUArts was an opportunity to understand ancient civilizations and expressions of their cultures. That understanding is referenced when applying creativity through traditional and digital implementation - leading the new age of the digital revolution, while respecting the foundations of creation, set by those who have passed. Seeing the connections between what’s happening, and what has already happened - heighten one’s awareness of what works already, what didn’t work with implications as to why, and where the mind has space to shift into realms of fresh expressions of creative magic.

  • An entrepreneur on the cutting edge of clear communication and global integrity.

I managed my own creative consulting business from 2012 to 2019 working to resolve a plethora of diverse client needs, demonstrating a keen sense of understanding and openness to many techniques, methods and processes toward achieving success.

  • Relentlessly attaining higher education for a lifetime of fortune.

I am currently attending the VCU Brandcenter, where I am honing my skills as a speaker and a leader in thinking and communicating - most often speaking very little.

  • Remaining humble in the glory of evolutionary successes.

I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years. This holistic way of life has helped me develop a clearer state of awareness where focusing is taken to another level, leading to incredible creative manifestations. In 2017, I received my Compassionate 200 HR Teacher Training Certification to further my understanding of self.

I risk everything for : The Experience | Empowerment | Creativity | Transformation